Who is Jesus?

who is Jesus

I was asked by an old friend the other day: Who is Jesus? It was quite a serious query; she was not being facetious. I think quite a few people think about this, but they refrain from asking the question. I told her I cannot answer for anyone else, but for me, Jesus is my savior, my rock and my go-to person when I need support or solace. An old fashioned word, I know, but it really describes what I ask for from him. Okay, according to the Bible, he is the son of God and I believe that implicitly, but I know many people who question and debate this. That’s up to them, I say, but is not an area open for discussion with me. Who is Jesus? People have to find out for themselves. They have to communicate with him; they have to trust in their own belief of him. The comfort I derive from knowing Jesus is there for me goes beyond words and feelings that I can describe. Jesus is coming to rescue me and all the others who will believe and trust in him; he will come with his army to fight evil and all will know him as the son of God the savior of mankind. When I asked my friend if that answered her question, she told me that it answered who Jesus was to me and that she envied me my strength in believing as she had doubts. That I can understand as I too have doubts sometimes; it is something that makes us human and certainly something we can work on. I have invited her to come to my next prayer meeting and get some answers for herself and she has agreed.

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