The relevance of Jesus today


I always listen to the bible teachings every week on Sundays. The teachings are recited without any delay. But do we understand the work Jesus did. He was indeed close to god and was his son because having so much compassion is impossible for a normal human being.

In the present scenario, we are surrounded by greed and consumerism. It is leading to a world where there is huge gap between the privileged and the poor. Yes slavery is almost absent, but is it? A few people are still controlling the resources and enjoying its fruits. There is wide spread exploitation of nature without putting a thought where this will lead to.

This is where we should look back to Jesus and his teachings. His most used word was love for all. This is what is required for our mental upliftment in these turbulent times. If you look up to Jesus before you try to cheat your partner you will find it difficult to do so. Jesus has taught the path of contentment where we care for out fellow humans and other living beings. He wanted us to be like a shepherd and protect the lamb which cannot protect itself. So, if you have any kind of power viz. economic or physical or mental, it is for you to help the people who lack it. This is true worship of Jesus. Remember he gave his life to make us understand that to care for others even in the hardest of times is godliness. Let us make a pledge and if we can just listen when he is speaking we will have better lives and a better society and of course a better planet. Amen!

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