Religion and Youth: How can we mix the two?

Religion and youth

By some measures, young people between ages 18 to 29 are less religious compared to their older counterparts. Similarly, the young are also less likely to be affiliated than their parents or grandparents generations when they were of similar age. Today, people are trying to mix religion and youth to bring out an active character in the community. Religion is known to play a significant role in the lives of many young people, and is positively associated with many aspects of the well-being of a child. Satisfactory mixing of both religion and youth has resulted in teens that are more likely than their non-religious peer to take part in healthy behaviors. By so doing, we are investing in the future that will be more conservative towards sex and a generation which will be less likely to take part in violent behavior towards their seniors. The youth who are in religion are less likely to be involved in trouble with government security forces like police, and they are instead more likely to participate in community projects, sports and to volunteer. Do education and religion mix? The two should never mix since they could escalate into something that is undesirable. The teachers should stick to installing the actual teachings and not to resort to preaching hatred words towards other religions. However, different studies suggest varying explanations regarding the subject including the selection of peers, family religiosity and religious teachings with moral beliefs.

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