Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. (Psalm 127.3)

One world one community we should all care for each other

Christmas to me has always been about children, about teaching them about the birth of Christ, about sharing the nativity with them. Sharing with them the joy the birth brought about to all men and introducing them to the knowledge he will come again.  I will be totally honest and also say I enjoy the commercial part of Christmas in terms of our traditions, the Christmas tree being decorating by my children. Over the years the decorations reflected their ages and tastes, will never forget the tinseled star wars figure my son wanted on the top of the tree. Now it is a far more sophisticated tree that my daughter colour coordinates (?) she enjoys doing that. What is important for me thought is the fact we do it together as a family. Family values are so important and Christmas is a good time to reinforce them. Family prayer, family sharing gifts and Christmas task and most of all the effort put in by all to be together at Christmas.

Yodda dressed for Christmas, would you want him on your tree?

The sad thing this year is that Christmas has a cloud over it with the deaths of the children in Pakistan; I am still reeling from reading about it. Those poor parents, whatever your religion you love your children and to lose them in such a way is beyond horrific. America has seen its share of terror over the years but it does not create immunity to the fear and pain of these acts, terrorism wherever it is enacted is a sad reflection on humanity. Look at the problem in Sidney Australia, the deaths of those poor people who were just going about their daily work. I know the gospel tells us we will undergo trials and tribulations before Christ comes again and this is happening now, but we can still send out prayers and thoughts to ones who are grieving this Christmas and our love to help them find the strength to carry on without the violence escalating. This is a prayer for the children of the world.