Roads made dangerous by melting snow that will ice over in the night

Bad weather continues

Awful weather we are having, but I guess that is that is happening the world over. I seriously wonder how people can doubt the end of days when we are having so much climatic and physical changes. Volcanoes erupting, tsunamis, polar ice caps melting, animals becoming extinct are all indications, so many warnings that we are destroying the earth. I was cleaning the slush away from my driveway today so that it will not freeze tonight and create further problems for me; last week I slipped on the ice and dropped my laptop, smashed it, I had to take loan out to buy another one. Some of the church members helped me out with that, read more here for the one we choose. It is so good to have people you can trust around you isn’t it.
While I was clearing up my drive I was thinking that’s what is wrong with the earth today, we all know there are problems but no one really seems to be doing anything. Take global warming, they have been talking about this since I was a teenager but what has been done about it? The Green party was going to do wonderful things – what happened, did it just become another political party with an agenda? I don’t know the answers just that the facts keep pointing to an earth that we are destroying and not very slowly. The effects are being felt now, should we just endure until Jesus comes to save us? I don’t think that is the answer, seems like a cop out to me. You still have to try to save the environment to make it safe, to share your love and knowledge in the anticipation that someone else will pick it up and do the same.
One final comment for this post; I want to acknowledge how much help the young ones in the prayer group have been. In the past cold spell they have really put in a lot of effort, helping with the prayer meetings and the computer stuff. I asked if they would be prepared to clear the drives of some of our older members and they have. Please join me in this prayer for the young people of today.

O God, we pray and beseech you
to guide and protect young people
from the dangers that are ever present in our world today.
Be with them, as they experience both sickness and health,
sorrow and joy,
loneliness and friendship,
success and failure.
Gracious God,
give to them the courage and strength
to make the right decisions
as they journey through life.
Through the power of the Holy Spirit,
may they come to know and experience your loving care.
We make this prayer through Christ Our Lord. Amen.