Jesus required in present times?

Second Coming

The present scenario of the world is precarious. On one side you have world powers running proxy wars for dominance and on the other side you have extremist forces like Taliban and ISIS growing by leaps and bounds. We need Jesus much more than ever. We need the compassion he taught, which we have forgotten. He brought love to the world and we need the emotion more than before.

Remember the last words – Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do. It is an epitome of forgiveness and is the solution of all problems of the modern world. Modern world is afflicted with selfishness, greed and violence at all possible levels. We need Jesus to come back and teach everybody about the virtues of forgiving. The only emotion which is important today is to forgive and forget. It will instill the same emotion in others. Killing in response to murder is not going to help.

The gruesome murders, abductions and wars bring tears to my eyes. O Lord have you abandoned us? No he does not abandon humanity. he will come back and I am sure of it. According to the holy Bible our Lord will be back when all the nations are mourning and good are at worst. He will come to save the little good left in the world. He will punish the evil and reward the good with his presence in their hearts. As per the nature of  Jesus I think he will forgive all and make it a lovely place to live.

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