Is the Antichrist a Beast, One Man or A Concept?



What another dreadful couple of months. The Paris bombing the atrocities in Beirut and now as I write the news is on about the 14 dead in San Bernardino. Too dreadful, those poor families and friends. Well it just confirms to me the the Antichrist is here in the world and doing his damnedest to bring violence and mayhem to us all.

Now in The Bible’s Revelations the is talk about the ‘beast’ that is the antichrist, the embodiment of everything that is evil. Now as you all know I am no educated philosopher but what if the beast is not a concrete thing, not a person but  it’s a concept. An evil awareness that is growing like a cancer in our society. Like ISIS or whatever motivated this couple to kill and leave their daughter behind. A craziness that does not make sense to normal people. Maybe the murderous couple where offer no options, kill or be killed, kill or your daughter dies. Once the plot in films and books but now it is our awful reality. The only thing to hold onto is that Revelations is about being positive about growing in faith and knowing that Jesus will come and rescue the faithful.

This is a time of year for Thanksgiving, for sharing love and harmony, encouraging peace in the world  – and for me and maybe you also it is just worse; out peace in threatened, wars in Syria and continuing in Iraq. The only thing keeping me going is my faith, that as people we are worth rescuing and that my Lord will come and come soon.


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