End times and the Donald Trump Evangelicals

End times dominate the Trump doctrine

The concept of the end times has always predominated the rhetoric of ‘fire and brimstone‘, with which preachers are hoping to frighten people into good behavior. So, it’s not surprising that evangelical Christians would support the selfish and arrogant New Yorker (Donald Trump) for president. In fact, Trump’s negative message is quite appealing to evangelicals who believe that the earth has been around for so long that the end times could easily be near, statistically. Also, ever since nuclear weapons, the notion of the apocalypse has become quite accepted. If you look at modern film, for example, the post-apocalyptic world is perhaps the most popular setting for any movie. Trump’s ability to remind people of that and then offer his guidance is very comforting to Christians who have gone to churches where pastors have preached heavily about the perils of sin. The real question for Trump is how will he eventually make it clear to the US that he is actually going to prevent the end times, not cause them.

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