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The greatest Law is Love the Lord your God

What I believe in


At one time Jesus said to His disciples, “...he that has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.” (Luke 22:36)


That could be interpreted as his followers should buy arms, and that by todays standards means ownership of a gun is ok. NO, I say no, that is not what it is about. Those where different times and different politics. To own a sword made the followers of Jesus insurrectionists, terrorists even. While Rome tolerated the religious teaching no way would they allow insurrection. Those that quote Luke 22:36 should also look to Luke 22:37 where He gives instructions as to why – he never intended the sword to be used in violence, only to set in motion what had been written, he became a trangressor in Romans eyes bringing about his subsequent death and ressurection. In fact He goes on to reprimend the disciples for having 2 swords. The language used at that time sent many messages, that are as pertinant today as ever. I for one though do not hold with the purchasing of guns or with all the terrible mass killings that are going on; and to try and justify it with the Bible is obscene.


A dibasement of Luke 22:36 - should be banned!

This is the caption I saw the other day. I think it is terrible and sends such a bad message. Jesus would not condone what is being done today with guns

Jesus is coming, and he will be coming soon as this world we live in descends into despair, depravity and violence. Everywhere I look and read and watch there is more and more violence. I hold onto my faith to get me through these times but I also want my voice to be heard crying out against what man is doing to man and what man is doing to nature and our planet. Whilst I believe in Jesus coming he does not expect me to sit around and do nothing. So to all I say, cut our this craziness, this political merry go round of ‘rights’. Control the guns; it worked in Australia, why shouldn’t it work here. We have to stop using the second amendment as an excuse to not make changes.

Our only sword is our belief in the word of God. Believe in the Lord for He is the answer.

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