Christian Fellowship to Keep Faith

Christian Fellowship - a commitment to each other.

Sometimes it is hard to move forward in life. We all know how difficult day to day living is, never mind what life can throw at you when you least expect it. In this busy world, we can often feel alone although we can be surrounded by people. To combat all of this, I find my church community a great source of comfort and help, For a Christian a community is essential. It supports, encourages, motivates and is there when needed. The core of a Christian community is that it is about Jesus, he is there, ever present in a Christian fellowship. So if you are feeling adrift or struggling with some aspect of your faith being able to go and spend time with other like-minded souls is beneficial. I also find being a member of a Christian fellowship gives me a purpose, I like being able to share my feelings on Jesus and hope that they help others come into his light. I will be honest, I do not go every week but knowing the community is there is a constant for me and in reality members of the community keep in touch with each other on a regular, informal basis. We have prayer meetings, speakers, and debates that you can attend or not, my community is not controlling but welcoming, which I think is how a Christian community should be, no mind controlling sects in our community; fellowship, faith, and free will is our code.

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