You all know my beliefs by now and I am strong in my faith but the last month has been trying. The end of times is near but I fear it, I fear living through those times. I am ashamed that i do not trust in the Lord to protect me, I do but, Read More

      At one time Jesus said to His disciples, “…he that has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.” (Luke 22:36)   That could be interpreted as his followers should buy arms, and that by todays standards means ownership of a gun is ok. NO, I say no, that is not, Read More

The present scenario of the world is precarious. On one side you have world powers running proxy wars for dominance and on the other side you have extremist forces like Taliban and ISIS growing by leaps and bounds. We need Jesus much more than ever. We need the compassion he taught, which we have, Read More

  Well Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, like you all I am busy preparing meals for the occasion both for at home and the Homeless Shelter. Looking forward to the whole family sitting down for the one meal in the year we are all actually together. I do find it hard that we don’t, Read More

People ask me about the end of days, “is it going to happen?” they ask. Honestly don’t people THINK? Don’t they SEE what is happening in the world today? Do they all go around with their eyes shut? I often wonder how much people actually absorb when they watch TV or read newspapers. I, Read More