The Beginning of Sorrows

The Beginning of sorrows as time runs out for mankind

You all know my beliefs by now and I am strong in my faith but the last month has been trying. The end of times is near but I fear it, I fear living through those times. I am ashamed that i do not trust in the Lord to protect me, I do but I still feel scared. I seem to have been unable to find pleasure in anything and feeling more and more anxious. the news doesn’t help does it? Death, bombings, shootings all reinforcing the growing ‘sorrows’ of this world. In Matthew 24 Jesus talks about the ‘beginning of sorrows’ the wars and famine that is only the start. I feel like I am drowning in sorrow for the world.  I am normally a positive person but it has been hard for me to remain so. I take comfort from my church but this month the weather does not really allow for a lot of contact. Mind you the Skype group I started last year is still continuing.

My friend and neighbour has invited me to go with her to some meditation classes but it is held at a Buddhist centre and I am not sure i want to go for people to try and convert me! My friend says that is not at all how it works with them and she thinks learning to meditate will help me deal with the ‘weight of the world’ I seem to be carrying on my shoulders these days. Meditation helps you take time out from your worries and concerns and put them into perspective she said. I certainly need to do that. I am not depressed, I have been that and know the difference I am just grieving I think for the world and what is going on. My daughter thinks it would be good for me so I will give it ago this Friday. The classes only started on the 5th Feb so not really missed much. Pray for me I feel I am in need at this moment in time.

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